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Hawaiʻi high school graduation rate is increasing

By: Chaz Mihara

Hawaiʻi high schools’ graduation rates are on the rise. The state is close to hitting their target goal for 2020.

Image by Jane  Carmona

Philippine government to shut down ABS-CBN network

By: Ronnie Allen Campman

ABS-CBN, The Philippines’ largest media group, is about to be shut down after complaints were filed by the Duterte administration.


Todd Graham, new head coach, ready to win UH championship 

By: Megan Lucas

The University of Hawaiʻi football program formally introduced Todd Graham as the University of Hawaiʻi’s 24th Head Coach.


The most expensive train

By: Nick Ochs

As of now, the partially complete light rail in Honolulu is budgeted at over 9 billion, up from original estimates of 3 billion. 


Waimea Valley's Keiki Day

By: Chaz Mihara

Every Wednesday, Waimea Valley Hiʻipaka LLC drops its admission fee for kids. It's called Kamaʻaina Keiki day.


Gun rights advocates gather in Downtown Honolulu

By: Nick Ochs

Second Amendment supporters made their voices heard at the Rally for the 2nd Amendment and Public Safety.


High Water Line walk in Ward Village

By: Kirsten Sibley

Forty students connected with the public to walk  for the High Water Line cause in Ward village two weeks ago to raise awareness of changing oceans tide.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 9.24.36 AM.png

UH bills half way through the state Legislature

By: Geveva Diaz

Over 2,000 bills were introduced this Legislative session and more than 525 of those bills were UH related.


City officials sue fossil fuel companies

By: Geneva Diaz 

The City & County of Honolulu  announced their intent to file suit against the fossil fuel industry Nov. 5 for deceiving people about the known dangers of climate change.

AES Hawaii Power plant.jpg

Decline in rainfall for Hawaiʻi

By: Chaz Mihara

Hawaiʻi sees less rainfall in 2019. However when it does rain, it is much more massive. Rain comes in stretches.

rain clouds oahu.png

Sinking the sinkhole in Kailua 

By: Kirsten Sibley 

City officials remain quiet in the heat of the Kailua sinkhole repairs' progress, which frustrates the residents of Keolu Hills.


The dangers of hiking in Hawaiʻi

By: Keila Lee 

Hiking isn't just about seeing nature's beauty, it's about staying safe while you're out there. 

manoa falls.jpg

Recent report shows Hawaiian monk seal population increase

By: Geneva Diaz 

There are only about 1,400 Hawaiian monk seals left in the world according to a 2017-2018 study.

seal 1 mark sullivan.png

Heavy rains cause uptick in brown water advisories 

By: Nick Ochs

Four simultaneous brown water advisories have been declared statewide in Hawaiʻi. Three islands are affected: Kauai, Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi Island.


A look at car accidents and top vehicle brands

By: Chaz Mihara

There was around two and a half percent drop from 2017 to 2018 from people killed in a car crash.

Image by Alexander Popov
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