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Ho'a O'ahu is a student-operated media organization brought to you by students in the Journalism program in the School of Communications at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa's School.

Our stories this year are focused on crime, corruption, waste, fraud and oppression in Hawai'i.

a backstage attraction

After 22 years in a sea pen at the University of Hawaii’s research facility at Coconut Island on Oahu, Kina (a false killer whale) is spending her golden years in a tank that animal rights activists say is cruel but park officials say is ideal for her.

proud boys in paradise

The vice chair of President Donald Trump's Hawaiian campaign created a local chapter of the far-right fraternal organization "Proud Boys," which was originally founded in 2016 by controversial pundit Gavin McInnes.

into the men's club

One of Hawaii's only female farriers shows how hammers, nails and power tools aren't just for men. She pushes the stereotypes and finds her way into the island's equine community.


Astronomers from the University of Hawaii discovered the first asteroid from outside the solar system. While it had initially seemed to be a mistake, the scientists actually made a historic discovery.

See More student work

Journalism students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa also produce four magazine-style television shows per year, which are aired on local channels and available online via YouTube.

Maternity tourism in HI

Some pregnant Chinese women give birth in America, so their children can get U.S. citizenship via citizen status provided by the 14th amendment. Originally published on Hoa Oahu, then featured in the March 2018 issue of Hawaii Business magazine.

Atypical Republican 

Rep. Andria Tupola takes a stab at running for Hawaii's top political seat, the governorship. As the state's most powerful elected Republican, she offers the party a different choice than what they're used to, in a variety of ways.

robots vs. bugs

Coffee beans shoot out of a mechanical opening. Most of them fall into a bag fastened to the bottom of the machine, but some beans are infested with Coffee Beetle Borer (CBB), a tiny pest that plagues coffee regions across the globe, including Hawaii.

Illegal dumping trashes oahu

As the final bell rings at Mauka Lani Elementary School in Kapolei, youngsters hurry out of their classrooms and make their way onto a sidewalk regularly covered in refrigerators, washing machines, mattresses and other types of garbage.

living the daca dream

Gabriela Andrade is one of America’s 5,780 DACA recipients. She’s also the co-founder of a DACA advocacy group dedicated to support Hawaii’s Dreamers, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to shut down the DACA program.

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