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Hawaiʻi high school graduation rate is increasing

By: Chaz Mihara

28 April 2020

Hawaiʻi high school graduation rates are on the rise. The state is close to hitting their target goal for 2020.


According to the Department of Education, the class of 2018 had 84 percent of students graduate. The graduation target for 2020 is 86 percent statewide. The state has been improving every year as more students are graduating with their class. 


The DOE implemented a strategic plan in 2017 to improve the education system. There were three main goals. One was student success, staff success, and successful systems of support. All of the plans were structured by community feedback and lessons learned. 


In 2015 the state graduation rate was at 82 percent. Another thing the state can be proud of is how much students are graduating in honors. In a press release Gov. David Ige highlights that more than one fourth of graduates from the class of 2018 graduated with honors. 


For students to receive a Honor Certificate, they need to meet all the requirements for a high school diploma with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. They must also complete other requirements like earning additional credits in math and science, and exceeding performance based tests. 


As the plan is coming to an end, the state can be proud of the steps they have taken to improve education and increase the number of students graduating.

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