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New app developed assists struggling restaurateurs in

Los Angeles

By: Rhea Saura

14 December 2020

LOS ANGELES CA -New application ʻMustardʻ is reinventing the way locals experience dining, changing the way lifestyle influencers get paid and the way restaurants market themselves. 


“Our app offers unique food experiences to users through fun videos made by local influencers. The influencers are rewarded for their content through our new take on social commerce. In turn, the content generated by the influencers creates increased exposure for restaurants in LA,” said Diana Might, an employee for the company launching.

ʻMustardʻ is launching in November of 2020. It offers value for local restaurants trying to make ends meet in Los Angeles by providing trustworthy and authentic user-generated content. 


Additionally, Mustard will host exclusive dining experiences that are unique to the app. 


Using the Mustard app, consumers will scroll through different promotion videos and book a dining experience, in a format similar to Tiktok.


“Once the user dines at the restaurant, the original poster of the content gets 10% of the entire bill. Mustard takes another 5% for operating costs; overall it’s 15% that the restaurant is paying,” 

said Might. 


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Might saw that there was a lack of original fun user-generated content for restaurants as well as a lack of social commerce. She compared the site to Instagram, saying there is very little evidence of a return on investment, especially for restaurants.


“We wanted to create an app that would have more genuine and real content so that potential clients can truly see the food and atmosphere,” said Might.


“For restaurants, the app truly provides so much value- exposure, new clients, creating a recurring fanbase - without having to spend a fortune.” 


The app is currently unavailable as of Dec 1. 

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