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How to stay fit during coronavirus pandemic

By: Kaliyah Natividad

14 December 2020

With the closure of gyms at the commencement of lockdown in March, many people had to find alternative ways of exercising, like avid gym attendee Amber Batencourt. 


“I like being around other people and the motivation that it brings and the heavier weights,”  Batencourt said. “And not having that and having to motivate yourself at home is challenging. I’d rather be at the gym surrounded by like mindedness and being inspired by others and so it’s hard to challenge yourself at home by yourself.” 

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Gym closures and safety concerns have changed people’s routines and the mass assembly of home gyms. 

“I’ve started running and I’ve also started walking more. And then I’ve started buying pieces of equipment for the garage to build a home gym. But it’s coming one at a time, slowly, as people get things back in stock,” said Batencourt.


Building a gym at home offers an alternative to a currently uncertain future for gym goers. 

Photo Caption: Amber Batencourt’s Home Gym

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