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Black Friday shopping during a pandemic

By Sami Sexton

9 December 2020

Shopping online has impacted some industries more dramatically than others ("Online-Shop" by Tim Reckmann | is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

Data gathered on November 28 on Midnight UCT shows that the AOV (Average Order Value) dropped 11% in North America compared to 2019 of last year. In comparison, this same category was up by 16% in Latin American countries. 

This number shows and directs the average dollar spent when consumers end up placing an order on websites or inside stores. A higher AOV would suggest that stores and businesses are getting the most out of each customer.

Although the number has dropped, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Business in the countries in North America saw a 13% order

Bloom Jewelry business owner Sierra Schuehle, suggested that this industry with materialistic items may have dropped due to the COVID restrictions. Limiting people’s social interactions has caused a limited demand for fashion and accessories.  

In response, spending time at home may have changed the attitudes of many making holiday purchases. Speculation was made due to the income made by home and garden supply companies having rose. 

increase and 9% revenue increase on Black Friday according to the data collected by data analysts from 

The industries in which money was spent saw an interesting shift. Companies selling fashion and accessories in their retail business saw a 4% decrease in their revenue. Meanwhile, the home and garden saw a 52% increase.


“My son hates spending time away from friends so I wanted to make things easier for him by getting a few things for his gaming system,” Andi Walsh, mother of two, said when I interviewed her about Black Friday shopping. “We don’t really know when all of this is going to be over, so I got a few things that I knew would make people happy staying inside.”

COVID 19 has dramatically impacted the performance change in holiday shopping. Shopping industries may have seen a rise in sales, or struggling to make ends meet.

The global coronavirus pandemic shifted the shopping industry as a whole due to store and mall shutdowns. Anticipation and lead up to Black Friday holiday shopping left many shoppers and businesses questioning what sales would look like.

Both small and large business buildings had closed doors due to the restrictions set in place by health officials. Without online opportunities for selling their product, business owners saw a large decrease in revenue compared to previous years. 

The data below was collected from E-commerce platform, Nosto. Graphs were created and designed by Sami Sexton.

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