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Go meatless at VegFest

By: Lea Strenge

26 September 2019

Go Meatless at VegFestBy Lea Strenge

What started as a grass root movement turned into the “biggest trend driving change in the food industry,'' according to Forbes magazine. 

Restaurant sales of fake meat products rose more than 260% in 2019 and more consumers are asking for substitutes of beef, chicken, and pork. 


The bestseller? Vegan burgers with beans as their main ingredient.


In times when high ethical values are more important than ever, Honolulu celebrated an afternoon full of island-style plant-based sustainable products.

This year’s sustainability report called Oʻahu’s sustainability a “work in progress” that needs to pick up the pace after statistics showed almost 2 tons of waste per capita in 2017.


Experts recommend engaging people on a local level and offering realistic alternatives to drive change - only one goal of VegFest. Growing the state’s economy for island food entrepreneurs is another one.

“We get our products from different re-distributors on the mainland that allow us to consolidate and allow us to bring it here in the least carbon footprint way we can and just bring in what people need. We work with as many local vendors as we can but also with that; we try to make both options available. Our biggest goal is to help new and innovative products come to market, whether that may be food-service or groceries - that’s one of the things we’re focused on. So however we can help the plant-based community grow, that’s what it’s all about you know, teamwork in the whole process. We really wanted to help with the supply chain to let people know that plant-based is here to stay and there’s a dedicated distributor who can keep those offerings available. And that’s what we do!"  

“VegFest” in Honolulu presented over 50 booths that included food and education, complemented by live music, dance and free samples for everyone curious enough to find out if vegan cheese really tastes like the original.


Trevor,co-lead sponsor, “we have jackfruit tacos today; teriyaki barbecue”. 


“We’re also sampling our jerky as well as non-alcoholic craft beer, sparkling hops-water.. Just a variety - a new choice of old favorites and just making plant-based options more available”.

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