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The so-called best time of my life

By: Chaz Mihara

8 May 2020

One of the most significant moments in a person's life is high school graduation. Leading up to graduation, critical events like prom and senior night that also means a lot to a high school senior.


COVID-19 came at a time where it's supposed to be the best time of a high school senior's life. "Finishing of high school, which is supposed to be the best three months of schooling," said Pearl City High School senior Jordan Madariaga.


When people look back on their life, they remember high school. They remember the nervous feeling of asking someone to be their date for prom. It's a memory that lasts a lifetime, but due to COVID-19, the class of 2020 won't be able to have those experiences.


All Spring sports got canceled, so student-athletes won't be able to fulfill all the hard work and time they put in. Especially for senior student-athletes, they won't be able to close out their high school sports careers.


Madariaga played volleyball for Pearl City High School. His senior teammate Sean Malaki had set goals to do well this season and play for a state title.


"Trying to get our first three-peat and first state title has been our goal the past three years," said Malaki.


For Malaki and Madariaga, they played junior varsity volleyball together. They put in the time and work to compete at a high level,  They even played off-season club volleyball together. "I was looking forward to a senior night,” said Madariaga. “Where most seniors would get a traditional senior night time to celebrate their last senior game, but we didn't really get that."    


Both of these high school seniors have plans on moving on to college and continuing their education. Madariaga will be attending Washington in the fall, and Malaki will be playing volleyball at Graceland University in Iowa.


During this time, Madariaga spent more time with his family. Going to school and going to practice was the usual routine for Malaki as both of these seniors get ready to participate in their virtual commencement graduation. Going through this experience has been tough for them, but they are grateful for the people in their life.


"It's not how we expected things to go,” Malaki said. “It's not how we expected to end our senior year. But life still goes on. Like anything can happen in life. It's not about what happens but how you adapt to it and how you react to it."

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