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Kickball unites a neighborhood

By: Kevin Okimoto

5 December 2019

Courtesy: 808SportsLeague
Kickball unites a neighborhoodKevin Okimoto

808sportsleagues has been hosting kickball leagues for over ten years. A charity focused, co-ed social sports league that caters to Adults aged 21 and up. In an interview with commissioner Erin Valentine, she says that the league is primarily focused on helping adults and professionals expand their network outside of college.


"I was usually playing football with my friends in another rec league and some of my friends told me that we should play kickball," explains regular player Dallas Mofis. " I wasn’t that into it and I wanted to play other sports, but my friends were really insistent so I checked it out and really enjoyed it."

During college, networking and expanding your friend-group is as simple as attending class. These opportunities won’t last forever. Around the busy streets of Honolulu on a weekday night, you’ll find adults playing competitive kickball. 

At Cartwright field located on South Beretania, 808sportsleagues hosts a competitive kickball league for adults looking to let off some steam, win a game, or just have a good time. 


The view at Cartwright field during sunset. Photo by Kevin Okimoto.

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