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Off the coast of Maui, Lars Bejder patiently launched an unmanned aerial vehicle to survey the waters.

Rare Whale Birth Sighting

Adara Pineda


Hawaii's Big Island is home to the Hi-SEAS, a habitat used internationally to test human space travel to the Moon and Mars. 

Tour Through Hawaii's Simulated Moon Habitat

Shannon Manamtam

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Meet Kawika Pegram, Hawaii state's lead organizer for the U.S. Youth Climate Strike.

Hawaii Strikes Back

Chavonnie Ramos


A lack of genetic variation in Polynesian DNA makes identifying specific islanders difficult.

Limited Hawaiian DNA Info

Katie Boon

Copy of Copy of VaccinesInfographic.jpg

Despite the rapidly growing measles outbreak in the United States, Hawaii seems to have dodged that bullet.

Hawaii Dodges Measles

Katie Boon

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Waikiki Aquarium opened a new exhibit last week which marine biologists hope will help educate the public on corals and raise...

New Living Reef Exhibit

Clarissa Gonzales

Manoa Park Title and Social Media

Recent damage to false koa trees at Manoa District Park may be the result of the growing popularity of...

Manoa Trees Stripped of Bark

Tyne Phillips

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In Ohana Hale Marketplace on Ward Avenue, Savannah Adler showcases We Are Worthy, her ocean-safe fashion company.

Ocean Safe Fashion

Doris Kung


Plastic has unseen gas-releasing consequences, University of Hawaii at Manoa researchers have found.

Plastic Degrade Into Greenhouse Gasses

Katie Boon

Debbie Millikan.jpg

It’s recess at Waikiki Elementary School. Nicole Hahn, a part-time teacher, calls out to a few boys nearby and...

The Slow Growth Of Public School Gardens

Mark Ladao

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Overnight, an entire island was wiped out. The beaches were home to many endangered species, plants, and animals, but...

The Loss Of East Island

Ashley Adriano

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