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Kyle Kajihiro and Terri Kekoʻolani give tours to friends and colleagues showcasing Hawai’i’s complex history with the military. They call the tour DeTour as a nod to decolonization.

A DeTour of Hawaii

Ashley Adriano and Mara Mahoney


Local movements to reconnect with the land hopes to improve health for indigenous communities.

Decolonizing Diets

Eunica Escalante


Bookstores across the nation are suffering from store closures and decline in retail sales, but one bookstore chain continues to grow...

Lead by Faith

Tracy Kim

Chris Talking To Work Hawaii Youth Progr

How Christopher Ulu's journey inspired him to help other local entrepreneurs with Ohana Hale Marketplace.

Helping Ohana

Doris Kung


The historic UH Manoa fountain used to be part of campus culture during its early years. Now, it’s dry and abandoned.

Varney Circle

Jim Bea Sampaga

Photo 2 (SM).JPG

Walk by this deceptively simple structure at the right time, and you won’t just see it, you’ll hear it. 

When Art and Science Collide

Shannon Manamtam


College eSports scholarships are rapidly paving a way for a new form of competitive sports and a learning opportunity...

Collegiate eSports On The Rise

Sierra Acklin

Copy of 2018.BODHI.STORE.3.jpg

It’s early in the morning and the calm clear blue waters that lick along Maui’s picturesque seashores promise favorable weather...

Death In Paradise

Adara Pineda

Copy of Spirit of Manoa Different Angle.

When sunlight shines through the windows of the Manoa Public Library, the light transforms five still glass sculptures into...

Looking Through The Glass

Tracy Kim


Bamboo trees, open galleries, and high ceilings are some of the things that decorate the art building at University of Hawaii...

Eating In Public

Jim Bea Sampaga

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 10.30.00

Dressed in a black turtleneck with matching black boots and blue denim pants,  Kristen Domingcil stands...

Behind The Sweet Escape

Doris Kung


At 3:30 p.m. on a windy Tuesday afternoon in Kalihi valley, five kids in their classroom lay spread out on the straw mat with books...

Reviving Pacific Voices

Mara Mahoney

Copy of Hawaiian Names-6.jpg

The call came on a seemingly uneventful Thursday morning in Oct. 2017. But in hindsight, Doug Simons would...

Written In The Stars

Eunica Escalante


Why having the first male cheerleaders in the NFL wasn’t a big deal.

Real Men Cheer Too

Ashley Adriano

Wide 1.JPG

University of Hawaii's Culinology program was expecting about 30 students to enroll when it launched in 2015. But three years later...

The Art and Science of Culinary

Jim Bea Sampaga


The blazing sunlight and breezy weather blanketed the green Koolau mountains of East Oahu as photographer Matt Leong...

Extreme Photography

Kristen Kumakura


Billions of Hindus celebrate the festival of lights, known as “Diwali,” each year. Yet, instead of lighting candles...

Desert Sands to Sandy Beaches

Mara Mahoney

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